Wireless Communications Facilities

In order to provide robust cellular coverage and capacity throughout the community, the City of Rehoboth Beach allows wireless carriers with approved permits to install small cell wireless communications infrastructure within the public right-of-way. The city works to balance the need for excellent cellular coverage and capacity with its duty to protect the public right-of-way and preserve the aesthetic appeal of cellular equipment deployed.

Who needs a permit?

A permit is required for all small wireless facility installations in the right-of-way. In addition to the permit application to be completed via the CTC Technology and Energy portal, applicants installing wireless equipment on public property also are required to submit a public works permit application. The completed public works permit application should be submitted through the online portal along with other application materials.

Permit Links

Small Cell Wireless Permit - CTC Technology and Energy portal

The permitting process

  • All small cell wireless siting applications and supporting documentation must be submitted via the online portal.

  • Payment is due at the time of application submission, and a "proof of payment" receipt must be submitted with your application documents. Applicants should begin an application through the online portal to receive their application number and then contact the City of Rehoboth Beach building and licensing department with the application number to submit payment; you may call the department at 302-227-6181, ext 222. After payment has been received and proof of payment receipt delivered, the applicant may upload the receipt along with all other required information via the online portal. Applications submitted without proof of payment attached will not be reviewed until payment has been received.

  • Once the application and supporting documents are submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant.

  • The application will then be reviewed for completeness. Should additional information be required, a request for information will be issued to the applicant.

  • When an application is deemed complete, it is forwarded to the city's building and licensing department for permit approval and issuance. 


The initial application fee is due at the time an application is submitted. Please note that an application is not considered to have been submitted until confirmation of payment and all required documents have been received. Application fees are outlined in the city's fee schedule. Should applications require extensive processing and review time, the city reserves the right to collect additional fees to offset the cost of additional review services. 


All questions regarding small wireless applications and the application process, should be directed to CTC Technology and Energy. Questions regarding payment and fees or permit issuance should be directed to the city's building and licensing department.

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