Commemorative Tree Program

How the program works

Pay tribute to someone special or celebrate a significant life event and help keep Rehoboth Beach green! Contribute to the Commemorative Tree Fund to support the planting of trees on public property. Your tax-deductible gift ensures that future generations will enjoy the tree canopy of our seaside community. The Commemorative Tree Fund is a partnership between the City of Rehoboth Beach and the Trees & Green Infrastructure Committee. 

Trees are one of the most enduring symbols of beauty and life. This unique program celebrates nature as well as art and encourages donations to a tree-planting fund to commemorate a special event or to honor a family member, friend, or pet. It's a memorable gift that keeps on giving - year after year.  

A tree sculpture, created by local artist Bill Wolff, has been installed in the City Hall atrium to recognize donors. A custom-engraved leaf attached to the tree sculpture represents each donor. Three sponsorship levels are available, and each one is acknowledged with a different color leaf. In addition, donors receive a recognition letter from the city.



The Commemorative Tree Fund sculpture is located on the first floor of City Hall. 

A gift to the fund may be used to honor many events, including:  

  • the birth of a child or grandchild
  • weddings
  • anniversaries
  • graduations
  • a new pet
  • the memory of a loved one
  • a retirement celebration

Community associations, churches, and businesses may use the program to honor individuals or groups for special achievements or leadership recognitions.

Please note that the trees funded through this program are planted on city property and will not have individual commemorative markers at the planting site.

To date, more than $50,000 has been raised through the program, and more than 100 trees have been planted throughout the community.

Stay Informed!