Convention Center Policies

  • The City of Rehoboth Beach requires that you purchase a minimum of $1,000,000 single limit liability insurance policy, including host liquor liability in the amount of $300,000 if liquor is being served.  The certificate of insurance shall name The City of Rehoboth Beach as additional insured.  This is available from an independent insurance agent.
  • The signed lease agreement, $200.00 security deposit, and the proof of liability insurance must be on file in the Convention Center Office at least ten (10) days prior to event.
  • The times of the event will be strictly adhered to.
  • The Rehoboth Beach Convention Center will be securely locked at night at the end of the event. However, if you need or require additional security the Rehoboth Beach Police Department will hire out officers at a nominal fee.
  • As our facilities are smoke-free, appropriate receptacles are located outdoors for those who wish to smoke.
  • All exhibitors are requested to use the overhead door on the west side for loading and unloading exhibits.
  • No tape of any kind may be placed on the walls or floors in the Convention Center. Nothing may be attached to the cloth [wall] panels. Masking tape may only be used on tables.
  • No nails, tacks or any other fasteners are allowed to be used in the Convention Center or on Convention Center equipment.
  • There is a tack strip above the panels available for your use. Our staff will be available to assist you.
  • All trash must be put in trash receptacles provided. Trash will be collected as required during the event.
  • All exhibit electrical devices are to be turned off at the end of the exhibit day.
  • Local and State fire codes require that you maintain a clear aisle way at all regular and fire exits. 48" is the minimum width required.
  • There will be no storage of extra materials or merchandise behind the stage or in the hallways as this is a violation of State and Local fire codes.
  • Open flames shall not be permitted in the Convention Center with the exception of sterno used in food service.
  • Parking in the west parking lot is strictly prohibited and enforced. Park and enter ONLY on the east side.
  • Cleanup of the kitchen, if used, shall be the responsibility of the Lessee. Staff will provide a mop, bucket and other cleaning materials.
  • The Convention Center staff reserves the right to deny any request or stop any unsafe act they deem necessary.
  • Set up hours will be established and strictly adhered to.
  • Any small trailers or storage vans must be parked in the east side parking lot after unloading. (Water tower side.)
  • To serve liquor, in addition to the $1,000,000 liability policy, you also need to purchase an additional $300,000 host liquor liability policy. Dispensing of liquor must end at 1:00 AM!
  • Non-profit organizations selling alcohol are required to obtain a Group Gathering License All other entities also must obtain a special ABCC license for the event. Licenses must be provided to the City of Rehoboth Beach no later than 10 days before the event.


Stay Informed!