Patrol Division

Patrol officers are first responders to calls for service requiring the presence of a police officer. These officers are responsible for the protection of life and property, prevention and initial investigation of crimes, and preservation of peace and order within their patrol area. Officers accomplish these important tasks by maintaining constant patrols of city streets in marked and unmarked cars, by bicycle, and on foot. 

The patrol division currently consists of four shifts. Each shift consists of three officers, including a sergeant, who serves as the shift commander. Two shifts cover each day from 7 am-7 pm and 7 pm-7 am.


Officers assigned to vehicle patrol handle the majority of calls for police services, including crimes in progress and traffic crashes as well as managing traffic control duties. Officers in patrol cars maintain a visible presence in the business and residential districts throughout the
Cpl. Jeff Bixler

city as they serve the public body and enforce the laws of the state of Delaware and City of Rehoboth Beach. 

The patrol division utilizes marked police vehicles, including four-wheel drive vehicles, to perform the majority of patrol and routine traffic control duties. Patrol officers in vehicles are able to cover as much of the City efficiently, responding quickly to calls for assistance and constantly watching for conditions and activities that require police action. 



The bicycle patrol unit was established in 1992 and is manned by several seasonal police officers specially trained in bicycle patrol operations. Bike officers' primary purpose is to interact with members of the community on a more personal level, increasing the level of cooperation between the citizens in the community and the police department.

Police cadet on Rehoboth Avenue

The bicycle patrol unit also assists with crime prevention by patrolling areas of the community that are not accessible to other patrol vehicles, such as smaller parking lots, breezeways and walkways between buildings, and areas of terrain too rough for other vehicles. The use of mountain bikes for patrol duty have proven to be quiet, cost efficient, and amazingly effective.



Police officer and visitor

During summer months, seasonal police officers can be found almost any time of the day or night walking foot beats, particularly in the downtown area. These officers are able to maintain closer contact with people and get a good sense of what's happening in the community by getting to know residents, business owners, and visitors on a more personal basis.

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