In order to help maintain community attractiveness and in the spirit of being good neighbors, it's important that all refuse be kept and stored in such a manner so that no offensive trash odor is detectable on any adjacent street or property. If trash is not within a container, it is important to double bag food waste to deter birds, cats, and other wildlife from opening and scattering the contents. 

Rigid waste containers should not be put out any earlier than 6 pm the day prior to collection, and disposable containers (bags, boxes, or similar containers) should not be put out any earlier than 5 am on collection day. Waste containers must be removed from the curb no later than 9 pm collection day. 

Commercial Zone Refuse

City businesses contract directly with private commercial refuse haulers. 

Annual Bulk Pickup

The city conducts a free annual bulk pickup for discarded household items other than construction materials generally the last week of April and the first week of May.

Schedule a special bulk pickup

Outside of the free annual bulk pickup, the city provides special pickup services for discarded household items other than construction materials for a fee. The minimum fee is $75, and it may be higher based on the number of items set out for collection. To arrange a special pickup, call City Hall at 302-227-6181. Please respect your neighbors and do not set out household items unless you have arranged for a special pickup by the city or a private hauler. 

Disposing of Items the City Will Not Pick Up

City refuse collection is for typical household trash and garbage. The city does not pick up and dispose of certain construction materials such as pieces of wood and construction debris, tires, and concrete. Electronics and any item that contains refrigerant, i.e., air conditioners and refrigerators, will not be picked up. The city also does not pick up hazardous waste such as wet paints of any kind and old batteries. You can dispose of old household-use batteries at the battery collection box in the recycling center located on Route 5 in Harbeson, DE. For information on disposal of construction debris and the safe disposal of hazardous wastes, contact the Delaware Solid Waste Authority or call  800-404-7080

If you have additional questions about the city's waste collection program, email the Streets Department.

Stay Informed!