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The building and licensing department provides timely and comprehensive professional services in the area of plan review, field inspections, code enforcement, and administration. The department strives to provide the highest quality public service while being mindful of the city's duty to protect the public's life, health, and welfare in the built environment. 

The building and licensing department is responsible for enforcement of the City Municipal Code. The department issues permits for all construction, demolition, tree removal, signs, and licenses for all business conducted in the city. In conjunction with issuing permits, department staff members perform review and approval of plans for code compliance and conduct onsite inspections. In addition, the department receives and attempts to resolve complaints filed by residents related to code compliance.

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The City of Rehoboth Beach Staff is 100% certified by the International Code Council.

Building and licensing staff members have earned professional certifications from the International Code Council (ICC). Through rigorous testing, ICC certifications ensure that staff have demonstrated competency in the requirements of the International Codes®, a complete set of comprehensive, coordinated codes used in most U.S. communities and many global markets for the design, construction, and compliance processes to build safe, sustainable, affordable, and resilient structures. 


Lobby Hours 8:30 am-4 pm Monday-Friday
Office Hours 8:30 am-4:30 pm Monday - Friday

Chief Building Inspector
Assistant Building Inspector
Code Enforcement Officer
Permit Coordinator
Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
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