Parking Meters


  • Parking meters are in effect 10 am-10 pm daily beginning the Friday before Memorial Day through the second Sunday following Labor Day. Parking is free from 4-10 pm Mondays.
  • Head-in parking is required. Vehicles must be parked head in with the front of the vehicle toward the curb or edge of pavement in all angled or perpendicular parking spaces within the City of Rehoboth Beach. (Handicap-accessible vehicles are exempted from the head-in parking requirement.)
  • All parking meters have a 12-hour maximum limit with the exception of 30-minute spaces and at Grove Park.
  • Meter rates are $3/hour on Rehoboth Avenue from the boardwalk to Fourth Street, Baltimore, and Wilmington avenues from the Boardwalk to Second Street, and First Street from Baltimore Avenue to Wilmington Avenue. All other meters in the City are $2/hour. Meters are payable using quarters or credit card or via Parkmobille. 
  • All 30-minute spaces and accessible spaces require payment during parking meter season.
  • When at the pay station, verify that the amount of time and the amount you wish to pay are correct. If you are uncertain, please cancel the transaction and start over. No refunds are issued.

Accessible Parking

  • Vehicles with handicapped permits must pay meter fees or purchase a parking permit.

How to use multispace (pay station) meters 

Rehoboth Avenue and Grenoble Place Pay Stations

These are pay-by-space meters.

   1. Find the arrow marked on the pavement in your space.

   2. Follow the arrow to the pay station.

   3. Press Start and enter your space number.

   4. Select payment method and desired time.

   5.Press Print for a receipt.

Convention Center Pay Stations

These are pay-and-display meters.

   1. Locate a pay station in the center of the parking lot.

   2. Select the payment method and desired time.

   3. Press Print for a receipt.

   4. Place the receipt on the driver's side dashboard.

All Other Pay Stations

These are pay-by-license-plate meters. Signs will read: Pay by License Plate - Head-in Parking Required.

   1. Remember your license plate, including ALL letters and numbers. Approach the nearest pay staion on that block. Enter all license plate letters and numbers in the kiosk.

   2. Select Buy or Extend parking time.

   3. Select payment method. Pay and take your receipt.

 ParkMobile is accepted in all metered areas. If you are unsure of your zone number, contact the Parking Department at 302-227-6184 for assistance.


Park Mobile Make it easy to Park & Go by using ParkMobile. For more information and to sign up for this service, visit

Change machines are available at the following locations

  • The Bandstand on Rehoboth Avenue
  • First Street and Rehoboth Avenue
  • The third block of Rehoboth Avenue (on the island across from City Hall)
  • 306 Rehoboth Avenue (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Change also may be obtained at the Parking Department at 1 City Hall Drive, behind 30 Lake Avenue.



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