Information for Contractors

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Gross floor area

Attention property owners, contractors, and design professionals: Note that enclosed spaces of decks, balconies, and porches are counted as contributing to the sum of gross floor area (GFA) for purposes of calculating floor area ratio (FAR). The floor area ratio (FAR) is the relationship between the total amount of floor area that a building has or has been permitted and the total area of the lot on which the building stands.

Business license requirement

All contractors AND subcontractors must obtain a business license to perform work within the City of Rehoboth Beach.  All contractors seeking to obtain a new license or to renew their existing license are required to submit a current copy of their State of Delaware Contractor’s License and proof of liability insurance and/or bonding. Any application submitted without this information will not be processed.

Allowable hours of construction

8 am-5 pm Monday-Friday
9 am-5 pm Saturdays (November 1-April 30 ONLY

No work is permitted on Sundays, holidays, and Saturdays from May 1-October 31.

Contractor parking permits

Contractors must have a valid City of Rehoboth Beach parking permit to park on residential streets within city limits. Each vehicle working at a specific location requires a permit. For questions regarding the purchase of parking permits, please contact the parking department or call 302-227-6184.

Stay Informed!