Business Licenses

Business licenses are required for anyone selling merchandise or services and all entertainment, lodging and eating facilities.  The fee schedule for business licenses are listed in section 120 of the City Code.  If you have any questions as to whether your business idea requires a license, please contact Building and Licensing.

Please use our Citizen Self Service Business License Search for all current business license holder information.

*Please note: Busking and food truck vendors are not permitted within the City limits of Rehoboth Beach.

Seasonal Parking Permits for Businesses

In mid-March, the City of Rehoboth Beach will send one free transferable parking permit to each business under the City Ordinance.  If you do not renew your City of Rehoboth Beach business license for the current year, you must return this permit to the City Manager’s Office. 

Prior to April 30, merchants shall provide the City a legible list of all employee names, vehicle registration number including State license plate numbers, make/model, year and color of each vehicle which will entitle the merchant to one free nontransferable Park & Ride permit for each such employee.  A maximum of 25 Park & Ride permits will be issued. Employees will be required to park at the Park & Ride lot located at Delaware 1 and Shuttle Road for the cost of $2.00 per day during the employee’s working hours only.  The lot is monitored by Park & Ride employees.  The City will not pay for overnight or recreational parking.  Abuse of this privilege will result in the loss of the employee’s parking sticker.

Any questions or concerns regarding seasonal business parking should be directed to 302-227-6181 ext. 109.  


Stay Informed!