Valet Trash Service

Valet trash service is offered as an amenity for a $300 surcharge per year above the standard trash service fee. Participants in the program are required to purchase a minimum of one 95-gallon valet trash container for a one-time fee of $50 per container. The valet trash container must be used only for household trash and be placed in a location predetermined by the city. Recycling and yard waste are not included in the city's valet trash service.

Valet trash service requirements
  • Only city-issued valet trash containers may be used for the valet trash service.
  • Valet trash containers not in the predetermined location will not be transported.
  • Valet trash containers that are obstructed by snow, debris, cars, or any other impediment will not be transported.
  • Valet trash containers without closed lids and a functioning handle and wheels will not be transported.
  • Waste left on the ground in bags or in containers other than the approved valet trash container will not be collected.

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Charges for valet trash service are included in residents' trash bills. Questions? Call 302-227-6181, ext. 105 or email [email protected].

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