Animals on the Beach and Boardwalk

Dogs and other animals are not permitted on the city's boardwalk or beach at any time from May 1-September 30; leashed dogs are permitted from October 1-April 30. Dogs and other animals performing an act or function on behalf of law enforcement agencies or branches of the armed forces are exempt from this law as are seeing-eye dogs being handled by individuals who are legally blind and dogs otherwise assisting handicapped individuals. For a complete list of the city's animal codes, see Chapter 88 of the City Code.

Lost Pet?

Brandywine Valley SPCA

A dog left in a hot car

Office of Animal Welfare 

City of Rehoboth Beach Police Department

Pet FAQs

Leash Law

Can I leave my dog in the car if I crack the windows? (AKC article)

Dangers of retractable leashes

Emergency/Evacuation Information

Hurricane and Natural Disaster Pet Evacuation Information

Special Assistance for Pet Owners

Feral cat colony assistance
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