Aug 26, 2016

One of the primary missions of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department is to understand the needs and expectations of our community.  We understand that our community is both diverse and ever changing; therefore, all feedback received is heard and appreciated.

The arrest of Susan L. Terrillion involved a complex and multifaceted complaint that centered around one important factor; the safety and well being of the children involved.  In this case, as in any other, the primary focus of the police is the protection of human life, especially those who cannot protect themselves.   

Police officers strive to be bi-partisan investigators with a focus on being able to provide an unbiased presentation of facts which are the product of thorough investigations.  The officers of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department wear the badge on their chest with pride as a symbol of justice with emphasis on moral and ethical decision making.  This case was no different. 

The investigating officer in this case, was called to the scene by a concerned citizen, conducted an investigation, and collected the facts.  Ms. Terrillion, who returned to the scene prior to the officer’s departure, was not arrested or taken from her children at the time of the incident.  Ms. Terrillion was allowed to remain at the residence, with her children, while the officer continued the investigation away from the scene. 

The officer prepared a warrant, which included a probable cause statement that presented the facts of the case to a magistrate judge for consideration.  Based on the facts presented, the judge determined that there was enough probable cause in this case to issue an arrest warrant for two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child. 

When this decision was made, Ms. Terrillion was contacted and advised of the existence of the warrant for her arrest.  Taking into account the well being of her children, Ms. Terrillion was provided the opportunity to turn herself into police on the following day, at around 11:20pm, when her children were not present.  Within less than an hour of her turning herself into police, Ms. Terrillion appeared before the court, was issued a $500.00 unsecured bond and released.  Ms. Terrillion was not required to post any money to predicate her release.

At no point in this investigation was force required or used by any officer of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department. 

At this time this case has been turned over to the Office of the Attorney General of Sussex County, Delaware for prosecution. 

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