DNREC issues recreational water advisories for Rehoboth Beach

Sep 07, 2022

UPDATE – Sept. 8

DNREC has lifted the recreational water advisory for the Rehoboth Avenue segment of the beach, which covers Baltimore Avenue to Stockley Street. DNREC will leave the Virginia Avenue water advisory, which covers Pennsylvania to Baltimore, in effect through tomorrow.

Also, please note that guarded sections of the beach are limited due to staffing. Today, the beach is guarded from Olive Avenue to Brooklyn Avenue. Due to heavy surf and rip current conditions, access to the ocean is limited to knee/ankle levels.


The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control issued recreational water advisories today for a stretch of beach from Pennsylvania Avenue to Stockley Street due to high enterococcus levels.

Swimmers are being kept out of the water in Rehoboth today due to heavy surf conditions anyway. Moving forward, until the advisory is lifted, swimmers are cautioned about the presence of potentially harmful bacteria in the water. These bacteria most likely originate from wildlife sources; recent rainfall and resulting stormwater also are likely factors.

More information about these advisories can be found on the DNREC website.

Stay Informed!