City to replace water meters in areas on north side

Mar 01, 2023

A City of Rehoboth Beach contractor will begin replacing up to 700 water meters on the north side of town, primarily along Henlopen and Columbia avenues, next week. The city replaces water meters annually as part of its capital improvement plan.

The city will install digital meters that can be read remotely and, once the city’s fixed-base system is implemented, provide more information to customers. The fixed-base system is included in the city’s proposed fiscal year 2024 budget. The old, mechanical meters being replaced have more than reached their 20-year lifespan, notes Water Department Superintendent Robert Downs.

Meters will be replaced on other northside streets as well, including on Cookman, Dover, Easton, 1st, 4th, Gerar, Grenoble, Kent, Lake, Lakeview, Oak, Park, Pennsylvania, 2nd, St. Michaels, Surf, Sussex, and 3rd.

A small number of residences also will have meter pits excavated and replaced; these property owners will be notified directly by the city. For most properties, only the meter will be replaced, requiring a brief 10-minute water outage, and city staff will notify anyone at the residence shortly before work is scheduled to take place.

R&C Contractors, LLC will perform this work, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of March.

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