City hangs out 'vacancy' sign

Feb 10, 2023

The City of Rehoboth Beach has a vacancy on two of its bodies concerned with the city’s trees. Residents and property owners are encouraged to apply via the Legislative Portal on the city’s website.

The Parks & Shade Tree Commission hears appeals related to tree removal and replanting as well as requests from private property owners to remove city trees. The commission meets at 10 am the fourth Monday of each month. Members must be residents or property owners and are appointed to three-year terms.

The Tree & Green Infrastructure Committee works to preserve and grow the community forest by offering public education and promoting programs and policies that enhance the tree canopy. The committee meets on an as-needed basis, and appointments to this committee are reviewed annually. Membership is open to residents and property owners as well as business owners and representatives.

“Our various commissions and committees perform important work and hold complex conversations in support of community interests,” says Mayor Stan Mills. “Commissioners rely on members of these groups to provide vital information and support community goals. I encourage individuals to become active in their community and apply to serve on these boards.”

Stay Informed!