Audio Recording Policy

It is hereby adopted that it shall be a policy of the City of Rehoboth Beach for all City commissions, boards, committees and other public bodies falling within the definition of a 'public body' in Title 29, Chapter 100 Delaware Freedom of Information Act, Section 10002(h), to produce audio recordings of their meetings when practicable and have them made available to the public for listening per the following guidelines.

It shall be the responsibility of the City Secretary, or a designee, to ensure that audio recordings of public meetings be made and retained as follows:

Audio recordings available on the City portal will be handled in the following manner:

The audio recording shall be uploaded onto the City portal within five (5) business days after the meeting.

The audio recording of any commission, board, committee and public body, including the Board of Commissioners, Planning Commission and Board of Adjustment shall be maintained on the City portal for a period of one (1) year.

Audio recordings removed from the City portal by the City Secretary or designee will be held in a repository for an additional twelve (12) month period of time after which the recordings shall be expunged and no longer available to view or retrieve copies.  This shall be in accordance with the City's retention schedule and policy.

Online access to audio recordings is free.  Fees to prepare electronic copies of an audio recording are determined under the City’s FOIA policy.

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