Scooter Parking


Scooters and Mopeds may not park in bicycle racks, on the Boardwalk, or on sidewalks in Rehoboth Beach.

Scooter Description: Two wheels, a step-through chassis, powered by a motor, including Mopeds. Motorcycles, motorized skateboards, motorized wheelchairs and tripeds are NOT scooters.

All scooters must have a permit to park on city streets and parking lots:

  • Saturday, May 30, 2020, through the second Sunday following Labor Day.
  • 7 days a week 24 hours per day.
  • Except if paying at a parking meter.

Scooter Parking Permits:

  • Permits are $40 for the season.
  • To purchase a scooter parking permit starting April 1, 2020, please fill out a PDF icon Scooter Parking Permit Application and send in your payment via mail or the dropbox located in front of the Parking Department. Your permits will be mailed to you. You may also purchase Scooter Permits at the Parking Department. 
  • Permits must be affixed to the front of scooters, preferably on one of the forks.
  • Wherever possible the rear wheel should be placed against the curb.

Scooter Parking Areas
Scooters may only park in following areas designated as "Scooter Only" with a valid scooter permit:

  • End of most Beach Blocks
  • Designated spots on Baltimore and Wilmington Avenues
  • Lot designated as "Martin's Lawn" near the Senior Center on Christian Street
  • Deauville Beach parking area (spaces not marked)
  • On-street in non-metered areas with a scooter permit
  • At a parking meter with or without a scooter permit but must pay the meter fee

Rehoboth Beach Parking Guide