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Tree Survey

Thank you for taking the City of Rehoboth Beach tree survey. This survey gathers public input and suggestions to help guide the city’s tree program. We encourage the public to take the survey and share it with friends and neighbors in the community. This brief survey is available through April 30. “The biggest reason to do this is that it creates a baseline. The data collected will utilize public opinion to help the city make sound decisions in the maintenance, planting, and preservation of our trees,” said City Arborist Liz Lingo. The information solicited through the survey will play a key role in the review and update of the city’s strategic plan goals and other decisions in the provision of city services. The survey results will be presented to commissioners this spring and will be available on the city website. For more information, please contact the Communications Department at 302-227-6181 ext. 522 or [email protected]

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