Yard Waste

City residents and businesses have two options for disposal of yard waste: curbside collection by the city or drop off at the Reycle Center at 37540 Oyster House Road. 

Curbside Collection

Collection Days are the first, third, and fifth Wednesday of each month.

Because plastic bags are incompatible with composting, yard waste in plastic bags will not be collected.

Yard Waste

  • leaves
  • grass clippings
  • flower bed stalks
  • small prunings
  • dead plants
  • pine needles
  • branches under 4"
  • vines
  • weeds
  • wood chips, mulch

Collection Methods

Paper yard waste bags

In paper bags (sold in stores as yard waste bags)


Yard waste container

In city-supplied yard waste containers
(PDF icon Yard Waste Container order form)


Branch bundles

Branches tied in bundles with non-plastic rope or twine

  • maximum 4 feet in length
  • maximum 2 feet in width and 2 feet in height
  • maximum of 40 pounds in weight

Yard waste containers should not be put out any earlier than 6 pm the day prior to collection. Please remove yard waste containers from the curb no later than 9 pm on collection day.

Yard Waste Drop-Off

City of Rehoboth Beach residents and businesses (but not commercial contractors) may drop off yard waste at the city's Recycle Yard, 37540 Oyster House Road, from 9 am-1 pm Monday, Friday, and Saturday. Yard waste that is dropped off need not follow maximum collection size requirements (as long as it fits in the 30-yard container provided) nor necessarily be bundled. Dropped-off yard waste may be loose or in paper bags. No waste in plastic bags will be accepted.

Leaf Collection

First Monday in October to Second Friday in May

Clean Loose Leaves and Pine Needles

The City's leaf vacuum machine picks up only clean loose leaves and pine needles.

  • Leaves be piled at the curb line or on the shoulder — not in travel lanes and not blocking fire hydrants.
  • Do not place any type of foreign materials, such as lumber, stones, bricks, branches, any type of garden or flower bed stalks, etc. in with  leaves. If any such items are found to be present, the leaf pile will not be picked up.  Any materials other than leaves can cause personal injuries and damage the leaf vacuum.  A separate fee will be charged for such items.

Weekly loose leaf collection schedule

Prospect, Queen, St. Lawrence, Rodney, Norfolk, Lake Drive
Boardwalk to Scarborough Avenue, Stockley, New Castle, Hickman, Laurel, Brooklyn, Munson, Philadelphia
Delaware, Wilmington, Christian, Country Club Estates, State Road, Lee, School Lane, New Castle Ext., Stockley Ext., Scarborough Ext., Silver Lane
Canal, Grove, Sixth, Jones Lane, Rehoboth Avenue, Sussex, Kent, Cookman, Dover, Gerar, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Easton, Baltimore, Maryland, Olive, Virginia, First, Second, Felton
Lakeview, Grenoble, Lake Avenue, Pennsylvania, Oak, Park, Columbia, Henlopen, St. Michael’s, Easton

All loose leaves and pine needles must be out early on collection morning; if they're not out when the vacuum comes through, they will be picked up on the next scheduled day; the city's crew cannot backtrack.

Christmas Tree Removal

Following the holiday, the city will pick up former live Christmas trees placed at the curb. Leave trees loose at the curb with no tinsel, decorations, or stand.

City Code Chapter 227 Solid Waste