Aug 08, 2016


Matthew J. Allietta, 21, of Wellsburg, WV, fought with officers in the median of the second block of Rehoboth Avenue Sunday morning (08/07/16) after being stopped for riding his bicycle west bound in the east bound lane of Rehoboth Avenue and providing officers with a false name.    

At around 10:43am, a bicycle patrol officer was in the area of the intersection of Rehoboth Avenue and First Street when he observed Allietta riding his bicycle on the roadway in the first block of Rehoboth Avenue east bound.  Allietta made a u-turn in the roadway and began riding west bound, against the flow of traffic, eventually exiting the roadway onto the median sidewalk area.

The bicycle officer stopped Allietta at which time he provided the officer with a false name.  Allietta advised officers that he was playing Pokemon Go at the time he committed the violation.  When officers further questioned Allietta about his identity, he attempted to ride away on his bicycle.  Following a brief struggle, the officers were able to stop Allietta and take him into custody. 

As a result of the struggle, both the officers and Allietta sustained minor abrasions.  Also, in the process of resisting the officers, Allietta rode his bicycle into a parked vehicle causing minor cosmetic damage to the vehicle. 

Allietta was arrested and charged with 1 count of resisting arrest with force, a felony, and 4 misdemeanor charges to include; 2 counts of offensive touching of a law enforcement officer, 1 count of criminal impersonation, and 1 count of criminal mischief.  In addition, Allietta was charged with 2 traffic violations; 1 count of driving the wrong way on a one way road and 1 count of riding a bicycle on a sidewalk.    

Allietta was released on $5,102.00 unsecured bail. 

Presented by PIO Lt. Jaime B. Riddle.

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