Rehoboth Beach offers thoughtful, impactful holiday gift idea

Dec 01, 2021

If you’re looking for something truly unique – and impactful – for someone special on your holiday list, consider a tax-deductible gift to the City of Rehoboth Beach’s commemorative tree fund in honor of the recipient.

The Commemorative Tree Program, a partnership between the city and the Trees and Green Infrastructure Committee, supports the planting of trees on public property and recognizes honorees via a custom-engraved leaf as part of a lovely tree sculpture located in the City Hall atrium. The sculpture was created by local artist Bill Wolff.

Commemorative Tree Program

Since the program was begun in 2019, more than $44,000 has been raised and more than 75 trees have been planted throughout the community. This year, 28 trees were planted, including 16 magnolia, oak, gum, and juniper trees as part of the Lake Avenue Streetscape project.

Donations to the Commemorative Tree Program are accepted at three levels: $350, $600, and $1,000. Find more information about the program on the City of Rehoboth Beach’s website.

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