Expanded outdoor dining coming to an end in Rehoboth - for now

Oct 13, 2022

As of November 1, all expanded outdoor dining spaces on public and private properties in the City of Rehoboth Beach – except for those on private property allowed under an approved permit of compliance – must be removed.

On private properties, only those outdoor dining spaces with a current permit of compliance from the city may remain in place. All dining spaces on public property are to be removed in their entirety.

“In an effort to support restauranteurs during the covid pandemic,” says Interim City Manager Evan Miller, “the City of Rehoboth Beach loosened outdoor dining restrictions and expanded opportunities for restaurants to utilize public outdoor spaces for dining. While those expanded opportunities are ending as of November 1, the city remains committed to supporting our restaurants and other businesses and to providing enjoyable experiences for our residents and visitors.”

Restaurants who wish to pursue opportunities for outdoor dining on public spaces in the future will be required to apply for a supplemental permit of compliance once Commissioners codify the city’s policy related to outdoor dining on public spaces this fall. The Board of Commissioners is expected to begin looking at related revisions to the restaurant code at its October 21 meeting.

Stay Informed!