Waste Water Department



To protect public health and the environment for our service area by providing high quality wastewater treatment services in an effective, efficient and responsive manner.


Provide safe, reliable collection of municipal wastewater with special emphasis on the most prompt, courteous service possible. Provide treatment of collected wastewater in a safe, consistent manner that will meet or exceed the requirements of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Discharge permit by the most cost-effective means while operationally being the best neighbor possible. Provide treatment and disposal of all Biosolids that complies with all federal, state and local regulations for their beneficial reuse and for the protection of both the environment and human health. Maintain the utility’s infrastructure at a reasonable state of reliance in a cost-effective way that will maximize its longevity. Plan for future needs to service the customer, protect the environment and to minimize the impacts to the rate-payer.

For billing and to notify the City of change of property, please call City Hall at 302-227-6181.

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