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The primary objectives of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department are to preserve life and property, enforce all federal, state, and local laws in an impartial manner, and maintain a safe and peaceful environment for the residents and guests of the city.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is dubbed the "Nation's Summer Capital" due to the large influx of tourists from the Washington, DC area.   The Rehoboth Beach Police Department currently employs 17 full-time police officers and 9 full-time dispatchers. We also employ seasonal police officers to augment our full-time staff during the busy tourist season.

Latest Police Updates

Cruz Ramos, 26, of Rehoboth, Del. was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and failing to stop for police, a felony, after a Rehoboth Beach Police officer attempted to stop him for disregarding a stop sign and he fled through multiple residential blocks of the south side of the city.

On Friday, December 22nd, at around 1:00am, an officer observed Ramos disregard a stop sign while turning onto Bayard Avenue from Norfolk Street.  When the officer attempt to catch up to Ramos to stop him, Ramos being driving in a reckless manner in order to elude the officer.  While disregarding the officer’s lights and siren, Ramos drove at speeds well over the posted limit, disregarded numerous stop signs and failed to signal multiple turns.

Officers briefly lost sight of Ramos, but found him a short time later parked in the third block of Laurel Street. 

When officers approached the vehicle, Ramos was reclined in the driver’s seat.  In addition to the presence of the odor of alcohol and marijuana, officers observed that Ramos showed signs of intoxication.    

Standardized roadside field sobriety testing procedures were followed and Ramos was eventually taken into custody and transported to the Rehoboth Beach Police Department for further analysis.      

Ramos was arrested and charged with 1 felony count of disregarding a police officer’s signal, 1 count of driving under the influence of a combination of alcohol and any drug, 1 count of reckless driving, 1 count of driving a vehicle at an unreasonable or imprudent speed, 5 counts of failure to stop at a stop sign, 2 counts of turning a vehicle without giving proper signal, and 1 count of no proof of insurance. 

Ramos was committed to Sussex Correction Institution on $1208.00 secured bail.

Release presented by Lt. Jaime Riddle. 

November 11th, 2017

John C. Fisher, 54, of Dover, Del. was arrested for burglarizing a vacant residence in the first block of Sussex Street following a day long investigation by Rehoboth Beach Police. On Friday (11/10/17) at around 3:30pm, the Rehoboth Beach Police responded to a report of a burglary at a residence in...

September 28th, 2017

Come join us on October 4th, 2017 at 2:00pm at the Rehoboth Beach Public Library as everyone is invited to come share their thoughts and enjoy casual conversation with the officers serving your community.