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The primary objectives of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department are to preserve life and property, enforce all federal, state, and local laws in an impartial manner, and maintain a safe and peaceful environment for the residents and guests of the city.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is dubbed the "Nation's Summer Capital" due to the large influx of tourists from the Washington, DC area.   The Rehoboth Beach Police Department currently employs 17 full-time police officers and 9 full-time dispatchers. We also employ seasonal police officers to augment our full-time staff during the busy tourist season.

Latest Police Updates

In an effort to provide better initial medical response to opioid induced overdose incidents, the Rehoboth Beach Police Department recently received five Naloxone Kits from the Delaware Office of Emergency Medical Services.  An officer from each shift will be issued a kit to carry while on patrol to provide a faster response in cases of opioid overdose.  In addition, all officers recently received training from the Sussex County Emergency Medical Services in the recognition of opioid overdose and the use of Naloxone Hydrochloride.

This newly acquired training was quickly put to use Wednesday (02/08/17).

Cpl. Eric Hiller, a 10 year veteran of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department, was issued a Naloxone kit Wednesday morning​ to carry with him on patrol.  At around 3:40pm, Cpl. Hiller received a call for an overdose at the Summer Place Hotel located at 30 Olive Avenue.  Upon arrival, Cpl. Hiller found a 23-year-old Rehoboth Beach man unresponsive on the floor.  A fellow resident was attempting to give the man CPR.  Through his observations and witness accounts, Cpl. Hiller determined that the man had injected multiple bags of heroin. 

Cpl. Hiller quickly reacted alongside Rehoboth Beach EMS in administering Naloxone and rescue breaths to the unresponsive male patient.  After only a few minutes of performing these rescue efforts, the male patient slowly opened his eyes and returned to a state of alertness. The man was transported to Beebe Health Campus by Rehoboth Beach EMS and was later released.

Cpl. Hiller attributed his efficiency in the use of the Naloxone Kit to the hands-on training received from the Sussex County Emergency Medical Services.

Presented by PIO Lt. Jaime Riddle. 

January 31st, 2017

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January 23rd, 2017

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