WWTP CIP Upgrade – Phase 2


The City of Rehoboth Beach will conduct major electrical upgrades at the Wastewater Treatment Plant consisting of a new primary power distribution system, new electrical equipment, and a new emergency back-up power system.  At the same time, the City will also refurbish the preliminary treatment facility. 
This project is part of a multi-phased upgrade of the entire plant which began in 2017.  The first phase, completed in 2019 - concurrent with the Force Main and Ocean Outfall Projects - included upgrades to the primary clarifiers and filtration system.

Scope of Work

The Phase 2 project will provide a new power distribution system and refurbishment of the preliminary treatment facility (headworks building).
The new power distribution system will provide the facility with new electrical service equipment, primary switchboard, automatic transfer switch and emergency generator, as well as new power feeders to the site, and new power feeders from the primary equipment to new motor control centers that will be provided across the plant. The project will achieve significant improvements in reliability, redundancy, and safety by replacing systems currently at end-of-life and high risk of failure, and by providing an alternative and independent emergency power supply.
The preliminary treatment facility refurbishment will include concrete repairs in the influent channels to address degradation caused by prolonged exposure to the wastewater environment, as well as a new mechanical screen and grit removal equipment. The existing screen and the grit removal equipment are at end-of-life and need to be replaced. The new equipment will provide immediate benefits by; increasing the efficiency of the removal of grit, debris, and other screenable materials, reducing risks, and reducing wear and tear on downstream processes and equipment.
The project is being executed through two prime contracts, General Construction and Electrical Construction, with the contracts also including work at a Sussex County facility in Frankford. The multi-site project format will provide efficiencies and value to the City of Rehoboth Beach.
Construction for Phase 2 of the Rehoboth Beach WWTP Capital Improvement Upgrade will commence in Spring 2020 and is expected to be completed in Summer 2022.

For more information about this project contact the Communications Department at 302-227-6181 ext. 522 or [email protected]

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