Comprehensive Development Plan

The City of Rehoboth Beach began working on an update to its 2010 Comprehensive Development Plan in December 2018. The project has faced several challenges, including more than 130 mapping descrepancies between city and county databases, the covid-19 pandemic, changes in leadership on the Planning Commission, and a transition from the original consultant (who moved out of state) to a new consultant. In September 2021, Dover-based Wallace Montgomery, a multidisciplinary planning and engineering firm based in Dover, took over completion of the plan from KCI. The deadline for completion of the state-mandated plan has been extended to July 31, 2022.

The Comprehensive Development Plan is an important planning document and provides a vision for how the city wishes to grow - develop and redevelop - and outlines future land uses.

The plan update is benig shaped, in part, based on survey data collected in late 2019 from businesses, residents, and visitors. In addition, opportunities for public feedback and input on the comprehensive plan are part of the plan development process moving forward. A first draft of the Comprehensive Development Plan update is scheduled to go to Planning Commission members October 11. Future drafts will be reviewed by the Board of Commissioners as well, and several joint meetings of the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners are anticipated.

PDF icon Certified Comprehensive Development Plan 2010
PDF icon Executive Summary of Comprehensive Development Plan
2015 Comprehensive Development Plan Status Update
PDF icon Municipal Comprehensive Land Use Plan Annual Report 07 02 2020
PDF icon CDP Business Survey Final 10.28.2019
PDF icon CDP Community Survey Final 10.28.2019
PDF icon CDP Visitor Survey Final 10.28.2019

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