Bus Parking

Bus loading and unloading is available only in the east parking lot at City Hall, 229 Rehoboth Avenue. Follow  Convention Center signs along Lake Avenue to turn right onto Third Street. Immediately to the left upon entering the parking lot are two bus parking spaces to be used for pickup and drop-off for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time. 

Two spaces are available in th east parking lot for bus parking.

  • Bus Permit East Lot from 8 am-Midnight - $250
  • Bus Permit East Lot from Midnight-8 am - $100

Please contact the Parking Department at 302-227-6184 or [email protected] for permit information. 

Buses may not park on the street nor be left running while in the east parking lot pickup/drop-off spaces. Buses parked on the street or left running will be fined.


Stay Informed!