Urban Tree Canopy

Urban Tree CanopyThe City of Rehoboth Beach's urban trees are the soul of a city known for its progressive land-use planning and extensive green infrastructure. Trees are a crucial part of the cityscape, softening and beautifying the built environment, improving neighborhood safety and livability, and providing vital ecosystem services such as air purification, temperature mitigation, and storm water interception. Effective and efficient management of the urban forest relies on an understanding of the structure and function of the resource, as well as the benefits it provides.

Canopy cover has been identified as an important measure of urban forest health by the City of Rehoboth Beach. Monitoring the City's tree canopy is important in order to understand how the canopy may be changing, and understanding canopy trends will allow City officials to make important decisions regarding management strategies. 

The Delaware Forest Service Urban and Community Forestry Program has compiled extensive maps that detail the tree canopy for Delaware communities. Visit the Delaware Urban and Community Forestry website to view the community maps and the City of Rehoboth Beach map.

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