Resistance Response Yearly Reports

The use of force by law enforcement is a matter of critical concern to the public and the law enforcement community. Officers are involved on a daily basis in numerous and varied encounters with people, and when warranted to do so, may use force in response to varying types of resistance they may face. Officers’ responses shall be objectively reasonable while effectively bringing an incident under control and protecting the safety of themselves and others. Their responses shall be determined based on the fact that no reasonably effective alternative appears to exist.

It is the policy of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department that each incident involving the application of any degree of resistance response upon a person must be evaluated based on the facts known to the officer at the time of the incident. The totality of the circumstances shall be considered when reviewing resistance response incidents.

The Rehoboth Beach Police Department takes all resistance response very seriously, examing and reviewing every incident on a yearly basis to ensure adherence to policies, their effectiveness, and trends. The below listed reports represent the yearly analysis of resistance response incidents.

PDF icon 2016 Resistance Response Year End Summary

PDF icon 2017 Resistance Response Year End Summary

PDF icon 2018 Resistance Response Year End Summary

PDF icon 2019 Resistance Response Year End Summary

PDF icon 2020 Resistance Response Year End Summar