Professional Standards Yearly Reports

The Professional Standards Unit of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department is responsible for investigation of all alleged complaints against employees, as well as, any misconduct by any employee of the department. The investigation process related to discipline can be initiated by employee misconduct observed by a supervisor, employee misconduct observed and reported by another employee, or alleged officer misconduct reported by citizens.  No complaint made against an employee of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department for which the employee could be suspended, demoted, or dismissed from duty shall be prosecuted under the policies of this department unless the complaint is supported by substantial evidence derived from an investigation by the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) Commander or their designee. The Rehoboth Beach Police Department will provide a thorough, fair and expeditious investigation into all complaints alleged against the conduct of its officers.

The Rehoboth Beach Police Department takes all professional standards complaints very seriously, independantly investigating each incident. The below listed reports represent the yearly analysis of all professional standards investigations.

PDF icon 2016 Professional Standards Year End Summary.pdf