Rehoboth revising code governing site plan review

Apr 19, 2023

City of Rehoboth Beach planning consultant Wallace Montgomery has been tasked with reworking, in partnership with the Planning Commission, the site plan review process for commercial projects, as outlined in the city’s code (Chapter 236, Article 7).

The rewrite of this code section, says City Manager Laurence Christian, is designed to provide a holistic assessment of the site plan review process and result in a clear guide for Planning Commission members, city staff, and developers.

“This section of our code is confusing, lacks clarity, and requires revision,” says Christian. “Our goal with this effort is to review other communities’ codes and processes and establish a code for Rehoboth Beach that provides a clear-cut process so that everyone understands where the starting and ending point is and what is expected at each stage of the site plan review process.”

Christian envisions a comprehensive guide complete with checklists and flowcharts.

Wallace Montgomery will take the lead in developing the revised code, with direction from Planning Commission members. The goal is to have a revised code ready for review and consideration for adoption by the Board of Commissioners by the end of the summer.

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