A 'green giant' to serve as Rehoboth's community Christmas tree

Oct 26, 2022

A 20-year-old green giant arborvitae will serve as the City of Rehoboth Beach’s Christmas tree this year. The 20- to 25-foot tree is being donated by Dean and Debbie Smith, who live off of Plantation Road.

When they planted the tree in August 2002 – along with six others along their property line with a

Rehoboth's Christmas Tree Lighting event 2021

neighbor – the Smiths didn’t realize that the tree would get so big, says Debbie Smith.

“We lost a couple of trees right at the beginning,” says Smith, “which actually turned out to be beneficial. Now, the tree has gotten so large that it’s impacting another one, a magnolia, beside it. Either the green giant or the magnolia needed to go. Because it has such a nice shape, we decided to see if the city would like to have it.”

Debbie Smith, a retired dental hygienist, and Dean Smith, a retired career firefighter, moved to the Rehoboth Beach area in April 2002.

City elves Harry Caswell and George Plummer & Son will provide tree removal and transportation services to the city this year. Caswell is taking over the job from John L. Briggs & Co., who has assisted the city with Christmas tree installation since the tradition started in the 1980s. Delmarva Power also assists with tree installation at the bandstand, which is scheduled for November 16, weather permitting.

Clear Space Theatre will lead the singing at the city’s annual Tree Lighting and Sing-a-Long event at 6:30 pm Friday, November 25, at the bandstand.

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