Weekly Loose Leaf Collection Schedule October 1 - May 11

November 4th, 2019

Please place clean, loose leaves and pine needles at the curb line. Tree limbs and brush must be tied with rope or twine in arm length bundles for ease of pick-up. 

Weekly Loose Leaf Collection Schedule October 1 - May 11:

Monday:  Prospect Street, Queen Street, St. Lawrence Street, Rodney Street, Norfolk Street, and Lake Drive

Tuesday:  Boardwalk to Scarborough Avenue, Stockley Street, New Castle Street, Hickman Street, Laurel Street, Brooklyn Avenue, Munson Street, and Philadelphia Street

Wednesday:  Delaware Avenue, Wilmington Avenue, Christian Street, Country Club Estates, State Road, Lee Street, School Lane, New Castle Street Extended, Stockley Street Extended, Scarborough Avenue Extended, and Silver Lane

Thursday:  Canal Street, Grove Street, Sixth Street, Jones Lane, Rehoboth Avenue, Sussex Street, Kent Street, Cookman Street, Short Park, Dover Street, Gerar Place, Third Street, Fourth Street, Fifth Street, Easton Street, Baltimore Avenue, Maryland Avenue, Olive Avenue, Virginia Avenue, First Street, Second Street, and Felton Street

Friday:  Lakeview, Grenoble Place, Lake Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Oak Avenue, Park Avenue, Columbia Avenue, Henlopen Avenue, St. Michael's Place, and Easton Street

For more information, please visit cityofrehoboth.com/residents/trash-recycling.