February 7th, 2019

For many medical and trauma emergencies, law enforcement personnel are the true first responders, arriving on scene before EMS providers. Although the law enforcement skill set is highly specialized to safeguard lives and property and protect individuals in the communities they serve, many officers have not received extensive training in emergency medical care. To provide more lifesaving care, Cpl. Jeffrey Bixler has received his EMT certification through the Delaware State Fire School. While all police units have first-aid kits, Bixler now carries more advanced supplies. “This training will allow us to serve our community best because having trained police/EMT on the scene early means those in distress will receive medical attention before the ambulance arrives,” said Chief Keith Banks. “Anytime we can improve our services we are going to try and do it,” Banks said. “And EMTs are unique in their abilities.” The utilization of law enforcement officers as first responders during medical emergencies has the potential to decrease the time it takes for a patient to receive care. Patients who experience a sudden cardiac arrest, an opiate overdose, or significant trauma will benefit significantly from programs that equip and prepare law enforcement for immediate medical intervention.

Cpl. Jeffrey Bixler receives EMT certification