November 28th, 2018

The International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) released a new version of the Police Priority Dispatch System (PPDS). The Rehoboth Beach Police Department 911 Dispatchers implemented PPDS November 1, 2018. PPDS is built upon the speed and precision of each preceding version to enhance the ability of Emergency Police Dispatchers to gather the most appropriate and accurate information to assess scene safety so field responders can act effectively. The updated PPDS has more than 200 changes from the previous version.

The new version introduces its most versatile and flexible protocol to date. It allows for greater agency control over operational decisions within the center and in the field. PPDS also provides protocol refinement throughout each complaint to speed up call processing while still obtaining the relevant information needed in today’s police call processing environment. Several new protocol pathways were added to streamline call processing for custody issues, threats, harassment where the suspect was never on the scene or is unknown, and fraud/forgery committed by electronic means, through the mail, or on the telephone. This gives agencies the opportunity to make the protocols more conducive to their agency and geographic area. The IAED is responsible for updating and maintaining the separate protocol dispatch systems for law enforcement, fire, and medical emergency communication systems used in more than 62,000 centers worldwide.