Advancing Telecommunications in Rehoboth Beach

November 8th, 2018

Have you ever tried to make a call on your cell phone that would not go through? You had four bars, so what is the problem? The problem isn’t a new one – it’s as old as the wireless phone system itself. Today, other factors are at play as well. The population density has increased, wireless devices have become far cheaper and plentiful, and cellular antennas receive much more traffic with larger data streams. Cell towers’ ability to provide coverage cannot keep pace. The City of Rehoboth Beach recognizes the issue and has made the topic a priority. Connectivity is essential to our City’s ability to compete. As a start, AT&T will be installing five antennas secured through a license agreement with the City in the coming weeks. Site locations include building and pole structures on the Boardwalk, Rehoboth Avenue and Wilmington Avenue.

AT&T customers should see a marked improvement in cellular connectivity, simply due to the increased number of antennas that can connect iPhones and other devices back to their network. This is not just a vastly more reliable network, but a sustainable one. As we take the next steps towards building a more connected City of Rehoboth Beach by adding additional carriers, we want to hear your comments, suggestions, and concerns. Please email us at [email protected] with the subject line “Advancing Telecommunications.”