City adopts new text/email alert system, invites residents to subscribe

Apr 25, 2022

The City of Rehoboth Beach is adding another instrument to its communications toolbox. The city’s new Rehoboth Beach Beacon alert system, which replaces its former CodeRED system, lets subscribers know via text or email when something in the community is not working as expected or there is an emergency.

“When subscribers receive a text or email alert from the City of Rehoboth Beach, we want them to know that the information is important and time-sensitive,” says Communications Specialist Lynne Coan. “That’s why we’re using the new Rehoboth Beach Beacon system only to alert subscribers when something isn’t as it should be in the City of Rehoboth Beach. For example, we’ll send an alert when a road must be closed, a water system repair is taking place, or a concert has been canceled due to severe weather. We estimate that the city will, on average, send out 3-4 notifications a month.”

Residents may subscribe by texting REHOBCH to 888777. More information and other ways to subscribe are available at

Notifications generally will be sent via text and/or email, depending on information provided by subscribers. Voice/phone alerts will be used only in the most critical situations. This new alert system, utilized through Nixle and Everbridge, replaces the CodeRED system previously used by the city. CodeRED subscribers must subscribe to Rehoboth Beach Beacon alerts in order to receive text/email/phone notifications from the city.


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