From The Desk Of The Mayor

Dear Citizens,

We are all fortunate to live and work in the City of Rehoboth Beach, or to visit here. Our City is filled with citizens who hold a deep love for this community, and I thank you wholeheartedly for electing me as your Mayor. I pledge to you to always act with integrity, compassion, and a deep sense of pride in our community as we face the challenges ahead of us. Our City is a growing community with a bright future, and I look forward to the accomplishments we can achieve together.

We are at a pivotal moment when a global pandemic has challenged us in unprecedented ways. These are stressful times for all of us, but we have a great team of citizens and city staff working together to guide and provide clarity to our citizens, business community, and visitors. As an employer and government entity, the City of Rehoboth Beach is leading by example and committed to both the safety and welfare of our citizens and our employees while maintaining essential public services. The City of Rehoboth Beach continues to follow all guidelines in place by the Center for Disease Control and the Delaware Department of Public Health. Thank you to everyone for doing your part and taking COVID-19 seriously.

As your Mayor and Commissioners, we hear the voices of every citizen and of our visitors. We must preserve and protect this special place called Rehoboth Beach. Our City must remain financially strong, and we understand the uncertainty facing our business community during these stressful times. We also appreciate that easing restrictions too soon could result in a second shut down with far more profound consequences. Masks, social distancing, washing our hands often and other measures to protect our health may not be easy, but we know a healthy community will equal a healthy economy.

As a region, Delaware is poised to move forward with determination and diligence throughout the foreseeable future. We are a resilient region, and working together, united by a spirit to achieve, we will come out stronger at the end. We are proud of our health care heroes and essential frontline workers, as well as all of our citizens who are abiding by the health guidelines and show extreme strength during this unparalleled time.

My door is always open to the citizens of Rehoboth Beach. Please feel free to share your thoughts, your goals, and your concerns with me and the rest of your public servants in City Hall. We will get through this together stronger than before. 

Stay safe and healthy,

Mayor Stan Mills