From The Desk of the Mayor

Dear Citizens,

We are very fortunate to have a walkable and vibrant town center, and I want to share with you the hard work and careful planning that goes into making downtown Rehoboth Beach as welcoming, attractive, and safe as possible. Our elected officials, City staff, police force, parking department, and community leaders have worked diligently, thinking creatively and proactively, to ensure this important asset lives up to all its potential.

We are underway with a significant backlog of infrastructure projects that include stormwater upgrades, water main replacements, street paving, and boardwalk restroom renovations. The physical infrastructure is the backbone of our City and our economy, impacting how we get to work and school, how much groceries cost at the store, the size of our water and sewer bills, and so much more. The availability and quality of infrastructure determine where companies locate and where jobs are created. In short, we depend on infrastructure every single day. Our annual paving program protects the City’s investment in the street infrastructure by maintaining and repairing City streets. During the planning phase of this project, considerable care went into looking ahead to meet our City’s current and future needs. The Canal Dock project is underway along with trees planted, sidewalks improved, and a wayfinding project is in the design phase which will help make our area safer for pedestrians and more welcoming to visitors. Your safety is always a priority, and we all need to know and observe the rules of safe driving, walking, and cycling. Every bit of work is done with an ever-present eye on the City budget.

Next time you are downtown, please stop and take a look around you, and perhaps take a moment to appreciate the hard work, careful thought, and creativity that goes into keeping our streetscape so attractive and safe. Of course, none of this is of value if it is not used and enjoyed - a vibrant street life needs to go with our attractive surroundings. So please join me in patronizing our local businesses and gathering spots. Come soon and visit often. Our downtown is a prime reason that Rehoboth Beach continues to be a prized location to live and work.


Mayor Paul Kuhns