From The Desk of the Mayor

Dear Citizens,

As your Mayor and fellow resident, I am proud of the City of Rehoboth Beach, and I want the character of our town to reflect the quality of people in our community. The FY 2019-20 $24.3 million balanced budget reflects the City’s continued commitment to providing public services and programs that enhance our residents’ quality of life. Guided by the Commissioners and community input, the budget focuses on our significant deferred maintenance and infrastructure backlog. It takes planning, forecasting, and difficult decision-making to utilize the available funding wisely.

To fund the vital backlog of infrastructure projects, property owners can expect water, sewer, refuse and real estate tax increases this year. The Board of Commissioners approved a budgeted real estate tax increase from $0.04 to $0.06 per every $100 of assessed value at their March 15, 2019, regular meeting. The tax rate will be set at the June 21, 2019, regular Commissioners meeting and will be in effect beginning July 1, 2019. This increase in revenue will go directly to fund stormwater upgrades, water main replacements, street paving, a new trash truck, and boardwalk restroom renovations.

Based on feedback from the town hall meeting on January 5, 2019, a utility rates working group was formed to determine a rate structure that is fair and equitable to all. Their work is still in progress and in the interim ratepayers will be billed an overall increase of 30% for water and 60% for sewer effective April 1, 2019. These are the rate increases that were recommended by the City’s consultant at the end of 2018. You will be notified of the future rate structure once determined. A refuse increase of $25 annually was approved for seasonal and year-round customers.

These increases are necessary to ensure the City has sufficient funding for essential City services and infrastructure. The cost of the services we provide to our residents, businesses and visitors increase every year. As we continue to make decisions for our City’s future, it’s important to have citizen input. We encourage you to attend or live stream City meetings or volunteer for a committee. For City meeting information and live streaming, please visit

As always, I welcome your comments.


 Mayor Paul Kuhns