From The Desk of the Mayor

Dear Citizens,

Multiple crews are completing construction on Henlopen Avenue restoring the stone shoulder as part of the force main project. One of the projects in the process of planning for growth and identifying feasible links is the bike trail in Grove Park. Crews are working on the sidewalks, signage, and fencing for the trail now. This new bike trail is an essential item for our community in the continued development of our parks, greenways, and recreation facilities. I understand that the magnitude of this mid-summer construction work is an inconvenience and disruption to residents and visitors in the area. But the green light to work during this time will help bring the project to a close much more quickly. In the end, the neighborhoods will enjoy much-improved streets and shoulder areas. As an active user of our parks and greenways, I hope to see you out on our ever-growing system this summer.

At the Commissioners workshop meeting July 9, we were presented with a proposal by the Rehoboth Beach Sister City Association (RBSCA) for the generous gift of a fountain for the Garden of the Navigators. In 2010 the City of Rehoboth Beach entered into a Sister Cities relationship with Greve-in-Chianti. Greve is a Tuscan city 26 miles south of Florence. The relationship was formed based on a shared connection with the explorer, Giovanni Verrazzano. Verrazzano explored the Delaware coastline in 1524 and Greve is his ancestral home. Enzo Zago, renowned artisan of terracotta pottery, would like to gift a fountain to be placed in the existing garden. The Commissioners will be discussing the fountain in more detail at the July 20 regular meeting. Also, on July 20 the first budget meeting for fiscal year 2019/20 will be held. The budget meeting process is designed to include an analysis of each department’s budget and to allocate resources across departmental programs based on the strategic plans, goals, and directions provided by the Commissioners and a thorough examination of programs and justifications. Each activity that is funded is reviewed by the City Manager, Director of Finance and the Commissioners. The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) will also be discussed to address in detail the five-year plan needed for city capital improvements. The CIP is developed by the City Manager with input from the various departments of the city. Our annual budget process reflects our focus on transparency throughout the city. We desire to present a budget that promotes accountability, increases engagement and tells the story of our path to success.  

I encourage you to attend a city meeting if you haven’t. The city makes decisions and listens to its citizens at committee and Commissioner meetings. You can learn about these decisions and provide your feedback by attending one of our meetings. Check out our meetings for a list of upcoming and previous meetings.


Mayor Paul Kuhns

[email protected]

229 Rehoboth Avenue

P.O. Box 1163

Rehoboth Beach DE 19971