From The Desk of the Mayor

Dear Citizens,

The City held a town hall meeting on Saturday, January 5, to discuss a proposal by Sussex County for operating the Rehoboth Beach wastewater facility. The City is faced with rate increases to pay for the ocean outfall project and future upgrades to the system. We heard from concerned citizens that felt the County proposal was not equitable. Based on the feedback we listened to, a working group comprised of property owners, City staff and consultants, was formed. The purpose of the group is to determine a new hybrid rate structure for the City to potentially utilize for the April 2019 billing period. They will also be considering if a transition of the wastewater facility may or may not be beneficial to all the users.

The consensus that the structure needs to change and be fair and equitable to all is the key role of the working group. Direct input and participation of the group is a critical component for the creation of a successful rate structure. The working groups’ purpose is to help ensure a process that is technically sound, enjoys broad public and expert support, and results in the creation of a sustainability strategy for the City that can guide community and City efforts for the years to come.

There are many different interests and opinions in our community. That is part of what makes it so great, but with those varying opinions comes compromise. The pricing of utility services should accurately reflect the true costs of providing high-quality water and wastewater services to consumers to maintain infrastructure and plan for upcoming repairs, rehabilitation, and replacement of that infrastructure. Further discussion on rate suggestions is on the Commissioners Regular Meeting agenda for the January 18 meeting. The meeting can be live streamed by clicking on the video button above each commissioner meeting or by navigating to Please contact me with your questions or concerns. Thank you.


Mayor Paul Kuhns


[email protected]