From The Desk of the Mayor

Dear Citizens,

Serving as your mayor has been both rewarding and educational. I constantly strive to better serve the people of the City of Rehoboth Beach and to communicate often with the citizens of this wonderful city. Your elected officials and city government work hard day in and out to maintain the quality of life we enjoy in Rehoboth Beach. There are a lot of different interests and opinions in our community. That is part of what makes it so great, but with those varying opinions comes compromise. We try to complete projects and make decisions that will impact as many people in the most positive manner possible. That doesn’t mean pleasing everyone constantly, but through transparency, I hope everyone can understand why we make the decisions we do. Transparency, to me, is listening to the people you serve, processing their wants and needs, trying your absolute best to find solutions and not stopping until you do so. Then it is articulating those solutions and information back to them. Transparency promotes accountability and lets citizens know exactly what their government is doing. Not only is being transparent the right thing to do, it is the only thing to do.

We all shape the city we live in, and one of the best ways you can take part in your community is by getting involved. Almost anyone can participate in the operations of local government. Taking an active role in your community’s government is a form of service to others. The best way to be informed of what is happening in your community is to attend meetings. You can have an impact on the proceedings. Some reasons to attend are to make your voice heard, help represent young people, meet your local representatives face-to-face and have a real effect on improvements to your neighborhood. You can access a full meeting calendar at

As I continue my term as mayor, my focus will remain on maintaining a livable city for our residents and visitors, economic development, and working to promote the business-friendly culture that we have created here. If you have any questions or feedback, please send me a note at [email protected].

Mayor Paul Kuhns

229 Rehoboth Avenue

P.O. Box 1163

Rehoboth Beach DE 19971