Wayfinding Program

Commissioners approved a new signage program proposal for the City of Rehoboth Beach at a special meeting held Monday, October 28, 2019. Commissioners voted to accept the proposal relating to Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the wayfinding signage program developed by Merje Design of West Chester, PA. Included in the motion was approval to modify the 2020 fiscal year budget authorizing expenditure of up to $278,660 as stated in the proposal. The city received a Community Transportation Funds grant for $20,000 to contribute toward the wayfinding program. A special meeting was necessary to permit Merje Design to move forward with preparing bid documents to be advertised in January 2020 with the intention of having signage erected by May 2020 in preparation for the summer season. 

During its regular meeting on Friday, February 21, 2020, the Board of Commissioners voted to accept the low bid for the Wayfinding and Signage Project submitted by Hilton Displays, LLC for $236,271.75. The bid award includes the project base bid and three additional alternates. A total of five bids were received, and Hilton was one of two bidders who fully complied with the requirements of the contract documents.  

The intended benefits of the wayfinding program are to improve the flow of traffic in the city through improved navigation; to identify points of interest and their proximity, thereby reducing the use of vehicles in town; and to improve visitor safety and the overall visitor experience. In addition to installing wayfinding signs for parking and pedestrians, the project includes gateway enhancements, information kiosks, and a new parking brochure.

The city hired Merje Design in 2018 to design the signs, and they presented three options. After a series of meetings that included stakeholders from city staff and committees, the recommended design that Commissioners adopted captures the unique character of the community. The signs use a palette of coordinated colors and artwork to identify places of interest, landmarks, attractions, parking, beaches, transit, commercial centers, and buildings, such as the library and City Hall. 


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