Comprehensive Development Plan

To better understand current and future conditions, the City of Rehoboth Beach Planning Commission is updating its Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), which is the state-mandated principal document outlining the City’s goals and policies regarding future growth and management of all resources. The Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) is the principal document outlining the City of Rehoboth Beach's goals and policies regarding the use of land.  It has been designed as a policy statement that should remain valid in the face of change over the years.  Properly used, the Plan is the basis for decision-making at all levels of government and will guide the public and private sectors toward beneficial activities affecting its people and land.  This Plan has several specific purposes:

  • Create a unified set of goals for change and development within and surrounding the City.
  • Become the central source of guidance on proposed public activities by coordinating them to ensure that each contributes to the adopted goals.
  • Apply the individual tools of planning within the framework of an overall Plan so that regulation is not arbitrarily applied.
  • Guide private land-use decisions by providing information on the overall direction of the community.
  • Provide analysis and policies that will allow assimilation of the unexpected to the City's advantage, turning problem into opportunity.
  • Preserve the more fragile among desirable land-use arrangements and harmonize the sometimes conflicting desires of preserving an asset and using it.

And the final purpose is to...

  • Help Rehoboth Beach operate as a “citizen” of Delaware by adopting and following the Land-Use Goals for Delaware.

PDF icon Certified Comprehensive Development Plan 2010
PDF icon Executive Summary of Comprehensive Development Plan

PDF icon CDP Business Survey Final 10.28.2019
PDF icon CDP Community Survey Final 10.28.2019
PDF icon CDP Visitor Survey Final 10.28.2019

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