Trees & Green Infrastructure Committee (formerly Mayor's Advisory Committee on Trees)

Mission Statement: Preserve and grow the community forest of Rehoboth Beach.

Goals and Objectives

1.      Coordinate tree-related initiatives among civic groups, private citizens, businesses and city staff and government.

2.      Focus on increasing the number of trees on both private and public property .

3.       Quantify current tree canopy and determine number of new trees needed to achieve 40% canopy.

4.      Implement a public information and education program to inform citizens of importance of trees to environment and to character of the city.

5.      Conduct annual events to make trees available, at reduced cost, for property owners desiring trees on private property.

6.      Work with city staff to realize the goals of the Comprehensive Development Plan, including development of a Community Forest Plan, and fostering a  more positive public attitude towards trees.

7.      Establish criteria for measuring the success of each committee goal.


Current Members

Susan Gay
Andrea Hoffman
Elise Burns
Liza Trey
Joan Flaherty
Kathryn Downs
Robert Van Horn


For more information on this committee, please contact Ms. Ann Womack, City Secretary at (302) 227-6181 or at [email protected].

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