Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee ensures the City maintains workforce policies that conform with current federal and other applicable laws and regulations.  The Personnel Committee supports the City Manager in the implementation of workforce practices to include hiring, compensation and right to work.  The Personnel Committee develops policies and ordinances that provide the City Manager with the authority to execute fair, modern and compliant workforce policies.  The Personnel Committee provides counsel and support to the City Manager in forming and sustaining an organizational structure that meets current and future municipality needs; setting compensation and benefits and establishing performance standards that reflect the vision and goals of the Board of Commissioners.

The Personnel Committee is advisory to the Board of Commissioners. Membership is by appointment by the Board of Commissioners. The Committee is comprised of three Commissioners and the City Manager. Terms of office will be reviewed annually.  The Committee meets on an “as needed” basis at City Hall.

Current Members

Commissioner Patrick Gossett
Commissioner Edward Chrzanowski
Commissioner Toni Sharp


For more information on this committee, please contact Ms. Ann Womack, City Secretary at (302) 227-6181 or at [email protected].

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