Audit Committee

It is the duty of the auditors to audit the accounts of the City and all of its officers whose duty involves the collection, custody and payment of monies to the City. The auditors on or before the fifteenth day of September, annually, next following their appointment, shall make and deliver a detailed report of every and all accounts, records, and books by them examined and audited, which report under their hands and seals shall be printed in a newspaper published in the City in the issue immediately succeeding their annual report. The auditors, in the performance of their duties, shall have access to all records and accounts of the offices of The Commissioners, and they are authorized and empowered to employ such clerks and accountants as in their judgment may be necessary in the proper performance of their duties at such compensation as may be determined by the Commissioners. The Auditors are authorized by the Charter of the City. Membership is by appointment by the Board of Commissioners. Eligible members include property and business owners, residents. Terms of office are one year. The Committee meets as necessary to fulfill their auditing duties.

Current Members

James Horty
James Little
William Perlstein


For more information on this committee, please contact Ms. Ann Womack, City Secretary at (302) 227-6181 or at [email protected].

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