Boardwalk & Beach Committee

The Boardwalk & Beach Committee examines issues related to maintaining the Boardwalk and beach as major assets.  Issues that might receive consideration, evaluation and advisory opinions by this Committee include but are not limited to maintenance programs, amenities, usage, rules and additional similar topics.

The Boardwalk & Beach Committee is advisory to the Board of Commissioners. Membership is by appointment by the Board of Commissioners. Eligible members include property and business owners, residents and stakeholders.  Terms of office will be reviewed annually.  The Committee meets on an “as needed” basis at City Hall.

Current Members

Commissioner Stan Mills
Frank Cole
Brian Hancock
Steve Curson
Gary Glass
Honey Fisher
Jimmy Horty
Alliston Stine
Mike Peter
Ex Officio
Sharon Lynn
Ex Officio


For more information on this committee, please contact Ms. Ann Womack, City Secretary at (302) 227-6181 or at [email protected].