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The primary objectives of the Rehoboth Beach Police Department are to preserve life and property, enforce all federal, state, and local laws in an impartial manner, and maintain a safe and peaceful environment for the residents and guests of the city.

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware is dubbed the "Nation's Summer Capital" due to the large influx of tourists from the Washington, DC area.   The Rehoboth Beach Police Department currently employs 17 full-time police officers and 9 full-time dispatchers. We also employ seasonal police officers to augment our full-time staff during the busy tourist season.

Latest Police Updates

Jennie Lee D. Martin, 37, of Chevy Chase, Md. was contacted by officers Saturday (09/27/16) evening as she was walking topless in the first block of Wilmington Avenue causing concerned citizens to call the police.     

At around 6:45pm, officers from the Rehoboth Beach Police Department were dispatched to the area of Wilmington Avenue and First Street for reports that a female was walking around with no shirt on.  Officers were able to make contact with Jennie Lee Martin on Wilmington Avenue, near the Boardwalk.  Martin, who was topless at the time police contacted her, complied with officer’s request to put her shirt on, but failed to provide officers with identification.  Martin demanded that officers show her the law prohibiting her actions or any signs stating such. 

Further on scene investigation revealed that prior to police arrival, a male witness, who observed several families hiding their children’s view of Martin, approached Martin and asked her to put her shirt on.  Martin allegedly responded with profanity and spit on the man.  Martin’s behavior and this particular altercation were witnessed by a nine year old child.

When officers attempted to take Martin into custody she refused to allow officer to place her in handcuffs.  Officers were forced to restrain Martin and forcefully place her into handcuffs. 

As a result of her arrest, Martin’s purse was searched and officers located marijuana consistent with personal use and a broken pipe inside.

Officers reported that an odor of alcohol was emanating from Martin when they were interacting with her. 

Martin was arrested for 1 count of first degree indecent exposure, 1 count of resisting arrest, 1 count of possession of marijuana, and 1 count of disorderly conduct, which are all misdemeanor offenses.  Martin was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution in lieu of $1500.00 secure bail.

No injuries resulted from this incident. 

Information provided by Lt. Jaime B. Riddle.

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